SONEL  SA has existed since June 1994. The company’s founders were electrical engineers – people  who had good knowledge of the market needs for specialized test equipment.
In 1998 there was a change of name and legal status and as a result SONEL S.A. was established.

Currently, the company operates within the Świdnica Sub-Zone of the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone.

The company debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in June 2008.

SONEL S.A. is a Polish manufacturer of high-quality measuring instruments for power generation and  telecommunications sectors.

Quality and Environment


In order to support our quality improvement activities, we have implemented and have been maintaining the Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System at Sonel S.A.

The system conforms to the following standards:

Thank you for your trust. We will improve our system and try to meet your expectations.


SONEL S.A. is very environmentally conscious. It is important that we design, manufacture and offer the environmentally-friendly products. That’s why as early as in March 2006 we finished the implementation of necessary technological changes which eliminated lead from the production process. Please be assured that all electronic subassemblies and materials we buy are subject to conformity evaluation on the basis of information and certificates provided by their suppliers.

SONEL S.A. is also an introducer and a collector of electrical and electronic equipment. The company has signed an agreement with the Recycling Organization that assumed statutory duties in terms of collection, recycling and reporting.

Register number BDO 000005929.