C101 – Multifunction calibrator

Calmet C101F
• Voltage source up to 1100V
• Current source up to 20A
• Small dimensions and lightweight – 16kg
• High output power
• Option C101FC with 100A AC subrange
• Output power 40VA for 20A AC/DC
• Software Calpro 101
• Interface RS232C
• Calibration Certificate

The C101F Calibrator enables generating of:
• direct (DC) and alternating (AC) voltages up to 1100V in five subranges 0.1-1-10-100- 1000V,
• DC and AC currents up to 20.5A in five subranges 0.001-0.01-0.1-1-10A (the C101FC option up to 100A AC).
The frequency of alternating signals may be chosen from values 50Hz (synchronized with power supply frequency),
60Hz, 400Hz or can be programmed in the range 45.00…2000Hz. The output signal can be set by means of an external
keyboard or by standard interface RS232C from a PC computer.
The C101F Calibrator is characterized by high accuracy, high output power, small dimensions and lightweight

Data Sheet