Three Phase Power Calibrator and Tester of Power Engineering Devices

New generation of Three-Phase Power Calibrator with many easy to use functions for automatic calibrating and testing all type of measuring instruments and power engineering devices.

C300B is our newest calibrator series. We base on the newest technology and 25 years of experience in developing and manufacturing.


Our competence can give you only the best:

  • High performance: 3x560V, 3x120A (1x360A), class up to 0.02%
  • Huge output power and low weight: only 27kg (59lbs) in portable case
  • Advanced functions but easy to used
  • Manual operations and fully automatic procedures for calibrating and testing
  • Professional service and support (it doesn’t matter if you have a complex or trivial issue)
  • Low price in comparison to the best performance


Wide range and high accuracy of outputs:

  • 3-phase voltages: 0.5000-560.00V
  • 3-phase currents: 1.000mA-120.000A, possible to bridged to 1-phase up to 360A
  • phase shift and angles between voltages: 0.00-360.00 degrees
  • output frequency: 40.000-500.000Hz or synchronization to power net frequency
  • impulse output: up to 200kHz to easy compare C300B to reference standard
  • binary outputs: 2 outputs for triggering external devices


Wide range and high accuracy of inputs:

  • impulse inputs: 2 inputs up to 200kHz for energy meters testing
  • start/stop inputs: 3 timer inputs for protective relays testing
  • AC inputs: 4 inputs 10.0000V, 16.0000mA, 200.000mA and 6.0000A for measurement transformers and current clamp testing
  • DC inputs: 2 inputs ±14.0000V and ±24.0000mA for transducers testing


Advanced functions:

  • automatic error calculation of calibrated or tested devices
  • programming up to 64th voltage and current harmonics with magnitude and phase
  • setting interharmonics and shapes like phase fired, triangle and burst
  • power quality programming like dips, interruptions, swells, shocks, flicker, fluctuations and ramp signals


TS33 Three-phase Fully Automatic Test System with Reference Standard and Integrated Current and Voltage Source uses large 7 inch LCD display with touch panel for setting and presenting measurements. TS33 is able to save measurement data on SD card, save a BMP screen capture and print measurement report directly to Bluetooth printer. Analyzer can be also connected by USB, Bluetooth or LAN with PC computer or Tablet and setting by TS PC-Soft.

TS33 is an universal device and can be used as a:

  • Three-Phase Power NetworC300B is an universal device with many measurement functions and can be used as a:

    Calibrator and Tester of measuring instruments

    The C300B Calibrator and Tester is used for calibration and testing a wide range of measuring instruments used in power engineering. C300B enables testing:

    example meters AC voltmeters, AC ammeters, frequency meters, phase angle meters, power factor meters, wattmeters, VARmeters, VAmeters, clamps meters and much more,
    example analyzers power quality analysers, recorders and flickermeters IEC 61000-4-30 class A for EN 50160 compatibility or individual requirements of user.

    Automatic Tester and Error Calculator of power engineering devices

    The C300B enables automatic testing with calculating of errors and standard deviation:

    example electricity meters electricity meters EN 50470 with accuracy relative to an internal reference of the C300B (or relative to an external reference meter) including: measure the basic error and influence of frequency, voltage, self-heating, distortion,…, checking the starting current and no-load run,
    example electrical measuring transducers electrical measuring transducers for converting a.c. electrical quantities EN 60688 (voltage, current, active power, reactive power, frequency, phase angle, power factor),
    example current instruments current instrument transformers EN 60044 including measure the accuracy of current and phase angle as well as burden measurement,
    example current clamps current clamps with AC & DC voltage and current output including measure the accuracy of current and phase angle,
    example protective relays protective relays EN 60255 including checking of tripping time and tripping level characteristics of ANSI#21 Distance relays, ANSI#27/59 Under/over voltage relays, ANSI#32 Directional power relays, ANSI#50/51 Time overcurrent relays, ANSI#81 Frequency relays and more protective relays.

    Power Calibrator of sinusoidal signals

    The 0.02% or 0.05% accuracy of the basic parameters of the C300B Calibrator – voltage, current, power and energy in a wide voltage 21 – 560V and current 0.05 – 120A ranges, is expressed as a percentage of the setting value, without the component as a percentage of the range value. This form of errors specification is very useful when checking instruments, such as electricity meters.

    Energy errors diagrams of the C300B Calibrator class 0.02 as a function of current settings for balanced and unbalanced loads at 230V/50Hz and power factor cosφ=1 and 0.5L are presented below.


    C300B Power Calibrator - accuracy

    Data were achieved during production in Calmet by the automatic calibration test procedure using Calpro300TS PC-Software and reference meter Radian RD33. C300B has a build in 200kHz impulse output and two 200kHz impulse inputs so if needed client can easy compare C300B Calibrator to reference standard in any laboratory.

    Power Quality Calibrator of nonsinusoidal and time variable signals

    Power Quality function enables generation of nonsinusoidal voltage and current waveforms with harmonics, interharmonics and subharmonics as well as simulation of voltage, current, phase shift and frequency variations as a function of time (dips, interruptions, swells, flicker, fluctuations and ramp signals).

    PQ functions meet all accuracy requirements of power quality testing to the EN 61000-4 series of standards.

    C300B Power Calibrator - harmonics setting

    k Analyzer (Basic function)

  • Energy Meter Tester (Basic function)
  • Power Calibrator (Basic function)
  • Instrument Transformer Tester (TT function)

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