Calport 100

Electricity meters tester

Analyser Calport 100A (version with 10A
direct current range) is a portable electronic
device that combines:
• multifunction – verification of power
network wiring, measure of power
network parameters, harmonics analysis,
checking of energy meters,
• wide current range 0.001..3000A,
• high accuracy 0.1% or 0.2%,
• multi – variant data entering – digital and
graphical display, internal memory, local
printing, transmission by interface and
analysis on PC computer).

Verification of power network wiring in “star” and “delta”
connection – graphical display of three phase voltage and
current vector.
Measure of three phase power network parameters – digital
measure of voltages, currents, active, reactive and apparent
power one and three phase, phase shifts and cosϕ, active and
reactive energy, frequency. Programming of voltage and
current transformers ratios
Testing of active and reactive energy meters directly on site – functions of computing
meter error directly in percentages with method of setting time of measurements or
number of impulses. Input in S0 standard is used to testing energy meters with impulse
output. Miniature photo head CF101 is used to automatic counting of meter rotor turns
for testing induction meters. Photo head CF100 is used to automating testing of meters
with LED indicator and manual counting of rotor turns with using “start/stop” button.
Full harmonics analysis of phase
voltages and currents as well as up to
20th harmonic analysis of active and
reactive power for diagnostic of
distortion sources. Graphical and
numerical presentation of results.
Measure of active and reactive energy with method of setting
time periods for verification of energy meter counters and
testing of maximum power meters as well as measure
maximum powers.


Calport 100 Portable Analyser and Tester
• Vector chart of three phase power network
• Measure of power network parameters (class 0.1 or 0.2)
• Range 0.001…10(100)(1000)(30/300/3000)A and 10…480V
• Testing of energy meters
• Voltage, current and power harmonics analysis
• Powering from measurement network

Function / parameter Range Error 1)2)3)
class 0.1 class 0.2
Line voltage
Direct current
Current with clamps 100A
Current with clamps 1000A 5.0…1000A ±0.5% ±0.5%
Current with flex 0…30A/300A/3000A ±1% * ±1% *
Power and energy
direct measure
0.1…10A / 40…480V
0.001…0.1A / 10…40V
Power and energy
measurement with clamps
5…100A / 40…480V
0.05…5A / 10..40V
Power and energy
measurement with clamps
5…1000A / 40…480V ±0.5% ±0.5%
Power and energy
measurement with Flex
0…30A/300A/3000A /
40…480V ±1%* ±1%*
Resolution of energy meter error measurement “ε” 0.01% 0.01%
Phase shift
direct connection
with clamps 100A and 1000A
with Flex clamps
Power factor
cos ϕ and sin ϕ
0.00…±1.00 ±0.01 ±0.01
Frequency 45.0…65.0Hz ±0.1Hz ±0.1Hz
Ambient temperature 0…+40°C operating, -25…+60°C transportation
Power supply 85..230..265V / 45..65Hz / 8VA (12VA with printer)
Dimensions and weight of analyser 270 / 240 / 180 mm / 4.5 kg
Dimensions and weight of analyser set 420 / 280 / 370 mm / 8.2 kg
1) % – related to the measuring value, %* – related to the measuring final value
2) Power and energy errors related to apparent power
3) Power and energy errors is doubled for input wiring 3 phase 3 wire (Aron measuring system)

Data Sheet