Caltest 10

Caltest 10 – Electricity meters tester

Caltest 10 is a single phase portable device designed for electricity meter testing
on site. It contains:
• versatility – verification of network connection, power network parameters
measuring, energy meter testing with load changing possibility,
• wide range of currents 0.01…3000A with clamps, without necessity of measured
circuit opening,
• multi-variant data tracing – digital and graphic display, internal memory, local printing, transmission by the interface and analysis on PC computer.

Powering from measuring circuit makes device independent from necessity of using
additional supply and phantom loadchanging function makes independent of
meter testing from site load.
Local printing on miniature printer makes possible reporting of measuring results in
customer’s presence.

Verification of power network connection with measuring of voltage, current, active and reactive power, phase shift, power factor and frequency.
Energy meter testing on site – functions of computing meter error directly in percentages with method of setting time of measurements or number of impulses. S0 standard is used for testing energy meters with impulse output. Photo head CF106H is used for automatic testing of meters with LED indicator and manual counting of rotor turns with using “start/stop” button.

Energy meter counters testing – functions of energy measuring in defined period of time and counter’s error calculating, directly in percent.

Energy meter testing
• Measuring of power network parameters
• Range 0.01..(10)(100)(1000)(30/300/3000)A and 85…265V
• Powering from measuring circuit
• Phantom load changing function
• Printing results on the site
• Hand-held miniature case

Data Sheet