Caltest 300

Caltest 300 – Electricity meters tester class 0.05%

Analyzer Caltest 300 is used for testing of
single and three phase energy meters and
current transformers:
• in accuracy class 0.05 and 0.1,
• in current range 0.001…3000A,
with additional functions:
• verification of power network wiring,
• measure, recording and analyze of power
network parameters and power quality,
• multi-variant data entering – digital and
graphical display, internal memory, local
printing, transmission by interface and
analysis on PC computer.

Verification of power network wiring in “star” and “delta”
connection – graphical display of three phase voltage and
current vector and direction of vector rotation.
Measure and recording of power network parameters –
voltages, currents, frequency, phase shifts, angles between
voltages, power factors, active, reactive and apparent
Digital and oscilloscope measurements with possibility of
long time recording.
Energy meter testing on site – functions of computing meter error
directly in percentages with method of setting time of measurements or
number of impulses and functions for verification of energy meter
counters. Input in S0 standard is used for testing energy meters with
impulse output. Miniature photo head CF101 is used for automatic
counting of meter rotor turns for testing Ferrari meters. Photo head
CF100 is used for automatic testing of meters with LED indicator and
manual counting of rotor turns with using “start/stop” button.
Testing of LV and MV instrument transformers directly on site: functions
of computing transformer ratio error directly in [%], phase error and
burden measurements of transformer.
Measure of power quality according to IEC 61000-4-30:
• for voltage: voltage short/long interruptions, voltage dips, over
voltage, harmonics, THD, interharmonics TID, signal voltage, flicker
Pst i Plt, voltage asymmetry,
• for current: inrush current, harmonics, THD, interharminics TID,
• for power: harmonics.
Recording and analyzing of power quality according to the EN50160.

Measure of power network parameters (class 0.05 or 0.1)
• Voltage range 0.5…300V and 0.1…40kV
• Current range 0.001…10(100)(1000)(2000)(30/300/3000)A
• Testing of energy meters
• Testing of Current and Potential Transformer
• Vector and oscilloscope charts of three phase network
• Recording and analyse of power quality
• Powering from measurement network
• Calibration Certificate

Function / parameter Range Error 1)2)3)7)
class 0.05 class 0.1
Direct voltage 30…300V
Voltage with VoltLiteWire 0.1…40kV 0.1%Em 0.1%Em
Direct current 0.1…120A
Current with clamps 10A 0.05…10A 0.5% 0.5%
Current with clamps 100A 0.5…100A
Primary current with clamps
100A of CT ratio function
Current with clamps 1000A 5.0…1000A 0.5% 0.5%
Current with flexible clamps 0…30A/300A/3000A 0.1%Em 0.1%Em
Current with AmpLiteWire 10…2000A 0.1%Em 0.1%Em
Power and energy
direct measure
0.1…120A / 30…300V
0.001…0.1A / 30…300V
Power and energy measured by
clamps 10A 0.05…10A / 30…300V 0.5% 0.5%
Power and energy measured by
clamps 100A
0.5…100A / 30…300V
0.01…0.5A / 30..300V
Power and energy measured by
clamps 1000A 5…1000A / 30…300V 0.5% 0.5%
Power and energy measured by
clamps LiteWire sensors 0.02…2000A / 0.004…40kV 0.1%Em 0.1%Em
Resolution of energy meter error measurement “” 0.001% 0.001%
Phase shift
direct connection
with clamps
0.0…360.0 0.1
Power factor
cos  and sin 
0.00…1.00 0.002 0.002
Angle between voltages 0.0… 360.0 0.1
6) 0.1
Frequency 45.00…65.00Hz 0.05Hz 0.05Hz
Measurement stability Short term [1h] 0.25 of error, long term [1 year] 0.5 of error
– Normal distribution with 99.73% probability
Ambient temperature −5…+50C operating, −25…+60C transportation
Power supply 85..230..265 / 45..65Hz / 10VA
Dimensions and weight of analyzer 270 / 240 / 180 mm / 3.6 kg
Dimensions and weight of analyzer set 420 280 / 370 mm
% – related to the measuring value, %* – related to the measuring range final value
Error covers reference uncertainty of standards, stability in 12 months, influence of ambient
temperature in range +20…+26C, humidity and power supply voltage in utilization conditions
2) Em – sensor basic error, Em=1%+0.1%* for Flex flexible clamps and
Em=2%+0.2%* for LiteWire sensors
3) Power and energy errors related to apparent power
4) In current range 0.1…120A and in voltage range 30…300V
5) From 10% of current range and in voltage range 30…300V
6) In voltage range 30…300V
7) Power and energy errors is doubled for input wiring 3 phase 3 wire (Aron measuring system)

Data Sheet