CP11B – Protection relay test set

The CP11B Calibrator and Tester is used for calibration and testing a wide range of measuring instruments used
in power engineering and enables testing:
AC voltmeters, AC ammeters, frequency meters, phase angle
meters, power factor meters, wattmeters, VARmeters,
VAmeters, clamp meters and much more,
power quality analysers, recorders and flickermeters
IEC 61000-4-30 class A for EN 50160 compatibility or individual
requirements of user.
The CP11B enables automatic testing with calculating of errors and standard deviation:
electricity meters (both electromechanical and static) according to standards EN 50470,
IEC62052, IEC62053 and ANSI C12.XX with accuracy relative to an internal reference of the
CP11B (or relative to an external reference meter) including:
measure the basic error and influence of frequency, voltage, self-heating, distortion,…, checking
the starting current, no-load run, register and constant,
electrical measuring transducers for converting a.c. electrical quantities EN 60688
(voltage, current, active power, reactive power, frequency, phase angle, power factor),
current instrument transformers IEC/EN 60044 including measure the accuracy of current and
phase angle as well as burden measurement,
current clamps with AC & DC voltage and current output including measure the accuracy of
current and phase angle,
protective relays EN 60255 including checking of tripping time and tripping level characteristics
of ANSI#21 Distance relays, ANSI#27/59 Under/over voltage relays, ANSI#32 Directional power
relays, ANSI#50/51 Time overcurrent relays, ANSI#81 Frequency relays and much more.
Intuitive front panel design with large Touchscreen display and
ergonomic keyboard for ease of use enables:
• setting the value of voltage U, current I, phase angle  or power
factor cos/sin, frequency f and powers P, Q, S (by changing I, U or
) with using numeric keyboard or  keys to decrease or increase
setting with different speed,
• selecting of voltage and current constant range and auto-range
• switching ON/OFF waveform distortion of voltage and current,
• switching Operate/Standby state of calibrator’s output,
• electricity meter error testing directly by touch screen,
• protective relay testing with and without control computer.

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