Generator tester

Generator tester UIG-35/70/100-800 designed for testing the dielectric strength of the generators windings, bus systems by line frequency AC voltage, test leakage on rectified voltage in accordance with the requirements of “Regulations for Electrical” and RD 34.45-51.300, with a maximum load capacity of up to 800 kVA.



Name Quantity
Generator tester UIG-35/70/100-800 1
Meter leakage ITVC-20 1
Voltage regulator RNO-120A 1
Transformer increases the TM-35/70-50 1
Reactor resonant RRPOM-35-800 1
Software CD 1
Power surge protection 1
Analog to Digital 1
Controller with memory and displays the result on laptop 1
Color display 1
HV diode 1
Front HV diode 1
Arc quenching resistor 1
Front arcing resistor 1
Voltage divider 1
Front fence 4
Cross stands guard 4
Cross divider rack and HV diode 2
Cross rack arcing resistor 1
Remote shorter 1
Measuring cable  10 m
Control Cable  10 m
Jumper Ground 3 × 1,2 m
Power cable 3 × 25 mm²  50 m
Cord management 4 × 2,5mm²  50 m
Protective ground conductor 10 mm², on a drum (superflexible in transparent silicone shell)  40 m
Working grounding wire 6 mm², on a drum (superflexible in transparent silicone shell)  50 m
HV Wire (superflexible, silicone rubber)  50 m
Cord fencing  100 m
Kit fabric sling 1
Manual UIG-35/70/100-800 1
Passport UIG-35/70/100-800 1
Passport RNO-120A 1
Passport ITVC-20 1
Passport TV-35/70-50 1
Passport RRPOM-35-800 1
Parameter   Value 
Supply voltage 3-phase AC (50 Hz), V 380 ± 38
Consumption power, kVA, max  45
Continuous operation at maximum capacity, min, max 20
Break after continuous use, min, min 40
Output power, kVA 800
Capacitance range of objects test, uF 0,01 – 1,8
Q-factor, min 45
Greatest operating voltage AC test mode stator winding, kV 35
Greatest operating voltage AC test mode trunking, kV 70
Greatest operating voltage of the rectified current-leakage test, kV 100
Reduced error measuring current and voltage, max, % 3
Threshold protection high-voltage side, A 25
Threshold protection low-voltage side, no more, A 120
Dimensions L × W × H, mm 2200×1700×1760
Warranty life, h 1200
Weight, kg, no more 3000

The device is designed for an indoors operation under the following conditions:

Condition Value
Air temperature, °С from +1 to +35
Relative humidity, %, up to 80 at +25 °С
Atmospheric pressure, kPa (mm hg) 84,0 – 106,7 (630 – 800)

The Manufacturer guarantees the UIG-35/70/100-800 conformity with the current technical documentation and the relevant Electrical and Safety codes and standards.

Limited Warranty period is 12 months from date of shipment of the apparatus to the consumer.

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