Rugged 3-phase TDR based power cable fault
pre-locator for field measurement

The INTERFLEX 140 is a high performance 3-phase Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) for pre-locating cable faults primarily in underground power cable networks from low to high voltage.

The rugged design and a powerful measurement impulse of 160V make it ideally suited for demanding field measurement tasks.

Supporting all relevant TDR-HV modes, the instrument’ capabilities can be further increased by combining it with a suitable HV source and coupling filter.

As a result, the precise location of high resistance and intermittent faults is possible. The bright colour display, minimal controls and an easy to navigate user menu simplify operation.

Numerous analytical features (comparison, difference curves etc.) provide powerful support during complex fault locating situations.


  • Isolating & pre-locating faults in various metallic cable networks;
  • Multiphase (3-phase) comparison and difference modes for faster fault evaluation and isolation;
  • TDR cable finger-printing;
  • Display of up to 7 curves;
  • Straightforward user friendly software menu with rotary encoder operation;
  • Manual or automatic modes for cursor setting;
  • Multi-Language Firmware.
  • High Performance 3-Phase TDR
  • Rugged Portable Field Test Design
  • Fully Featured & HV Modes

Measurement modes: 

Modes TDR-LV                                                                  : Direct (3-phase); Comparison (L-L,L-N )

Optional TDR-LV mode                                                 :  Intermittent Fault Scanning

Modes TDR-HV (require suitable HV source)        : Arc Reflection Technology Surge Current Coupling                                                                                                          Decay Voltage Coupling



measurement range                                       : 95km (250km transient mode)

max. impulse voltage                                     : 160V

pulse width                                                         : 50ns to 10µs

V/2                                                                         : 10 to 149,9m/μS

resolution                                                           : 0.2m

impedance matching                                      : 25 to 1600Ω


display                                                                  : Colour 10,4”; 450 cd/m²

interface                                                              : USB

power supply                                                  : 85 to 264V; 50Hz/60Hz 10-24V; optional battery

IP rating                                                               : IP67

ambient temperature                                    : 10°C to +55°C

weight                                                                  : 6,9kg incl. batterY

dimensions                                                         : 406 x 330 x 174mm



  • Set of connection cables incl. cable bag
  • Instruction manual on CD
  • Transfer software on CD


  • Internal battery
  • External Coupling Filters for various HV modes
  • 3-phase INTERFLEX cable drum, 25m or 50m versions
  • Fused test leads Installation accessories