Cable Locating System

The INTERSELECT NLT is used for the absolute correct identification
of power network assets by encoding a highly unique ID sequence.
Its main purpose is to increase safety by avoiding wrong cable line
selection and cable cuts during maintenance. The identification
works on most types of cable. Consisting of a paired transmitter and
receiver, the NT system injects a unique unipolar DC impulse
sequence remotely.
This ID sequence is genuinely different from line frequencies and
allows positive selection based on five evaluated parameters.
Additional applications include tracking of open cables in conduits
and continuity testing. There are two transmitter options.
Configuration NT is for non-live LV and MV cables. Configuration LT
is for live LV cables up to 400V and includes an additional transmitter
that imposes a specific drain current signature on the cable
investigated without line switch-off.


  • Precise identification of cables, feeders and other conductors
    with highly unique encoded ID sequence;
  • Cable identification in non-live IT, LV or MV power cables;
  • Cable identification in live LV cables up to 400V;
  • Dedicated Twist Field method sensor for precise identification
    of individual conductors;
  • Remote continuity testing; Tracing of open cables in conduits;
  • Small size of transmitter allows installation in LV switch board;
  • Simple & clear indications with easy calibration procedure
  • Automatic adaption of receiver to connected probe;
  • Receiver works with transmitters of other manufacturers