InterSheath CS

Classic cable sheath testing, fault pre-locating & pinpointing system 6kV

InterSheath CS, Classic cable sheath testing, fault pre-locating & pinpointing system 6kV

Classic system with rugged analogue metering for analysing pre-locating and pinpointing cable (outer) sheath faults on shielded or unshielded plastic insulated cables. Suitable for routine & commissioning tests on various types of cable networks. Detecting sheath faults during commissioning is considered to be a most effective pre-emptive procedure that reduces future cable failures and its associated costs significantly. The system features the lightweight HV tester HTD 6 plus the HV bridge BFL 6 for pre-locating high resistant faults based on the voltage drop method. The included ultra-precise Locator S employs the step-voltage method to pinpoint cable  sheath faults faster.


  • Testing & fault locating of cables in power, lighting, control and communication networks;
  • Testing electric heating cable systems;
  • Effective pre-location & isolation of sheath faults to decrease overall required test duration;
  • Handy and simple to operate test combination;
  • Rugged (IP64) HV test set with precise and clearly visible analogue metering;
  • High burn current (400mA) for fault conditioning;
  • In combination with TDR and suitable filter monitored fault conversion (MFC) of high resistant LV faults;
  • Short circuit proof design
  • Precise HV Test With High Current Output
  • Accurate Pinpointer With µV Sensitivity
  • Rugged Analogue Metering
Analysis & test of faults:  



max. test voltage (DC)
max. test current (In) 12mA (2kV)
resolution (accuracy) 100V / 1µA (± 1% FS)
Overcurrent trip 0,12mA to 12mA; switch-off
Isolation of faults:
pre-location HV-bridge max. 6kV
resolution voltage 0,01V to 10V
resolution current 0,1mA to 1000mA
fault conditioning (Imax) 400mA
Mapping of faults:
max. output / cycles 6kV DC / 1:3
measurement range ±20µV to 250V (pinpointer)
Generator HTD 6:
safety built-in discharge unit
dimensions, IP rating 350 x 420 x 220mm; IP64
weight 9,5kg
mains supply 230V, 50Hz
battery (opt.) LiFePo4, 1,5hrs cont. operation
Pre-Locator BFL 6:
dimensions, IP rating 220 x 275 x 165mm; IP64
weight 3kg
Pinpointer Locator S:
dimensions, IP rating 100 x 190 x 100mm; IP66
weight 0,7kg
battery LiFePo4, 40hr cont. operation
earthing probes 2 x 1000mm



Test generator HTD 6 incl. connection cables (2m)

BFL 6 bridge fault locator for pre-locating

Pinpointer Locator S with two earthing probes

Bag for pinpointer and spikes


Battery pack for HTD 6

MCF method: ECF-C3 (Coupler) & InterFlex 140 (TDR)

Thermal camera