Powerful variable audio-frequency transmitter 250W for cable tracing and fault locating


Powerful variable audio-frequency transmitter 250W for cable tracing and fault locating

The INTRACE TA250P is a powerful transmitter for various audio-frequency enabled locating methods. Its main application is to locate and trace power lines. Multiple transmitter frequencies and automatic load matching allow to adapt to various locating objects and situations. In addition, the high output supports fault finding technologies. The standard test connection is direct (galvanic) coupling. Alternatively, inductive connection clamps are available as an option. The automatic impedance matching facility simplifies setup significantly and ensures best performance over a wide range of loads. Further options include custom frequencies to match most receivers and an integrated battery.


  • Multiple applications in tracing & fault locating, for subsea cables, for pipeline fault mapping (ACVG) and substation ground profiling;
  • Primary purpose is tracing underground cable lines with specific frequencies and cable fault finding using twist-field or signal phase-out methods;
  • System allows to order custom frequencies to match already exisiting receiver;
  • Extremely durable case (IP42) with an integrated trolley and battery option for flexible deployment;
  • Automatic impedance matching facility for simple and efficient test setup;
  • Transmitter dual signal output option for simultaneous tracing of two lines with different frequencies.
  • Portable Transmitter 250W Output
  • Best Load Matching Capability
  • Internal Battery Option

Transmitter TA250P

Output power                  0 to 250W

Output frequencies         512Hz; 1kHz; 1,1kHz; 8kHz; 9,95kHz

Custom frequencies (opt.)   within 512Hz to 9,95kHz range

Output current                max. 25A

Output voltage                1000VAC

Load matching                 automatic 0,5Ω to 2000Ω

Output signal mode         continuous or pulsed

Distortion factor (THD)   <1,5% to 3%

Test connection              direct; inductive clamps (opt.)

Power supply                   230V/50Hz; battery (opt.)

IP rating                           IP42

Dimensions                      450 x 310 x 500mm

Weight                             16kg



  • Transmitter TA250P PELI case with trolley
  • Set of connection cables
  • Instruction manual on CD



  • Transmitter TA250P inductive connection clamps ∅135mm
  • Transmitter TA250P internal battery
  • Transmitter TA250P dual signal output mode

The Manufacturer guarantees LFG-50 conformity with the current technical documentation and the relevant Electrical and Safety codes and standards.

Limited Warranty period is 12 months from date of shipment of the apparatus to the consumer.

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