Kamphone N

Highly sensitive electro-acoustic pinpointer for locating underground cable faults

Kamphone N, Highly sensitive electro-acoustic pinpointer for locating underground cable faults

The pinpointer Kamphone is designed to locate flash-over faults in underground cable networks of various voltage levels accurately. It effectively measures the discharge noise and magnetic field that develop during the discharge of a fault in the ground. The flash discharge is usually generated by a suitable surge voltage generator. The point of max. signal strength will indicate the precise location of the fault.

Advanced evaluation features such as coincidence and time difference modes plus various background noise filter settings improve the location procedure substantially. The Kamphone device includes a receiver and a sensor unit. A wide range of coupling accessories allows adopting the sensor to different ground conditions.


  • Precise pinpointing of cable faults within underground networks in combination with suitable surge generator;
  • Simple line tracing with magnetic channel;
  • Interference suppression by integrated DSP
  • signal processing;
  • Clear indication of magnetic and acoustic channel strength & triggering on display;
  • High quality noise cancelling headphones plus separate amplification of sensor signal and headphone volume
  • Rugged design of housing and plugs (IP66).
  • Very Sensitive Pinpointer
  • Clear & Concise Transflective Display
  • Ergonomic & Lightweight Receiver
Locating modes:  

ground sound microphone

Magnetic electro-magnetic field detector
Combined coincidence method with rel.
Dynamic ranges:


acoustic channel
magnetic channel >64dB
time delay 0 to 139,9ms
Noise suppression:  


number of filters
frequency range 120 to 3000Hz


standard protection
Receiver unit  

160 x 104mm; backlit

dimensions 100 x 190 x 100mm
IP rating IP66
weight 0,8kg
battery LiFePo4; 12hr operation
operating temperature -5°C to +55°C
Sensor unit  

95 x 180mm (DxH)

IP rating IP65
height (with handle) 775mm
weight (with handle) 2,4kg



Kamphone receiver with noise isolating headphones

Ground sensor with tripod, spike, plate and deflector

Battery charger

Rugged system case;

User manuals on CD.


P-line surge generators Additional USB battery powerpack