Locator S

Cable sheath fault pinpointer

The pinpointer Locator S is designed to locate cable (outer) sheath faults on shielded or unshielded plastic insulated cables accurately. It effectively measures step-voltage potentials in the earth that will develop during faults in underground cable sheaths. In combination with a suitable test generator (DC pulse or surge) the precise location can be detected offline. The Locator S consists of a digital voltage detector and two step voltage probes. After spiking the flexible probes of the detector will show the direction to the fault on the easy understandable display. The step voltage potential will increase when the fault is approached. The point of polarity reversal (zero) will indicate the precise location of the fault.


  • Precise pinpointing of cable (outer) sheath faults within underground networks in combination with suitable test generator;
  • Locating of other earth faults;
  • Display of direction to fault during fault locating;
  • High sensitivity of sensor supports rapid indication;
  • integrated filters for interference suppression;
  • Pulse cycle recognition and display;
  • Automatic zero compensation;
  • History bar;
  • Rugged design of housing and plugs (IP66)
  • Most Accurate Pinpointer with µV Sensitivity
  • Ergonomic and Lightweight Enclosure
  • Large Transflective Display
Locating modes:
Step-Voltage DC DC measurement
Step-Voltage Surge peak value measurement
Key indicators:
Voltage discrete value
Actual bar neg./pos. polarity; Switchable
History bar neg./pos. polarity; switchable
Pulse cycle DC and Surge modes
Measurement precision:
measurement range ±20µV to ±250V
highest sensitivity 20µV
input resistance 500kΩ
interference suppression 50/60Hz; 162/3Hz; CPS; DC
display 160 x 104mm; backlit
dimensions 100 x 190 x 100mm
IP rating IP66
weight 0,7kg
battery LiFePo4; 40hr operation
USB charger
earthing probes 2 x 1000mm (dividable)



  • Pinpointer Locator S with two earthing probes
  • Bag for pinpointer and probes
  • User manual on CD



  • HTD 6 cable sheath tester
  • BFL 6 bridge type fault locator for pre-locating

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