Mini cable fault locating and test system
for LV networks

The M4 is a minimised test and fault locating system for mobile integration. It is used for troubleshooting, pre-locating and pinpointing of faults in complex LV, lighting and control cable networks. Operation by one central control unit with menu guidance simplifies handling, accelerates operational choices and ensures safety compliance. Featuring a large colour screen, the system can display measurement curves, test results and message codes simultaneously. Integrated full scale TDR capability in combination with the high voltage arc reflection mode (ARTi) will isolate and pre- locate low as well as high resistance faults with utmost precision. The extensive multi- dimensional safety system complements this mini system to provide a compelling value proposition.



  • Comprehensive fault locating in underground LV cable networks;
  • Covering full cycle from trouble shooting to isolating and precise fault pinpointing;
  • Central control unit with menu guided operation following the working algorithm of cable fault locating;
  • Separation of system control circuit from front-end data display based on Windows®;
  • Inductive Arc Reflection Tech (ARTi) pre-location featuring no loss HV impulse voltage & energy conversion to fault including arc extension;
  • Total low power consumption under 2kVA including high current burning.
  • Integrated & Automatic System
  • Powerful Output up to 2000 Joule
  • Advanced Safety Features



  • Integrated emergency switch off & safety key lock
  • Guarded Discharge Technology
  • Faulty ground conditions monitor (FU/EP)
  • Separation transformer
  • Door access monitor
  • Step voltage monitor (earth to vehicle chassis)

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