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Cable simulator


This accessory is designed for training and presentation purposes and for providing rough estimates of resistance measurement accuracy. The results obtained from the measurements with the simulator shall be treated as estimated values, and not as calibration results. CS-1 cable simulator is designed to simulate the insulation resistance of power cables. The adapter is equipped with banana sockets with a diameter of 4 mm. This allows user to perform resistance measurements with majority of meters designed for this purpose and offered by Sonel SA. The user of the cable simulator is able to check the correctness of measuring results provided by devices of MIC series (insulation resistance meters). Other devices compatible with CS-1 include multifunctional electrical installation meters, with the function of insulation resistance measurement. Please note that the results presented in the display of the meters are approximate, and that presented value is within the basic error range of the meter itself and the cable simulator. The resistance value provided by the simulator may for a long time remain under constant external voltage, up to 1000 V. The housing is highly resistant to mechanical damage. The device allows user to perform a simulation of measurements for four resistance values.

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