MPX8 – Meter error calculator

The MPX8 Multichannel Meter Error Calculator
(Multiplexer) together with a TS41 – High Power Threephase Fully Automatic Test System with Reference
Standard and Integrated Current and Voltage Source is
used for calibration and testing simultaneously up to
eight electrical energy meters (single and three phase
electromechanical and electronic active and reactive
energy meters and portable test equipment) with
frequency of pulses up to 200kHz.

The MPX8 Multiplexer is a flexible solution for creating
the following systems:
• Basic System:
o for simultaneously testing up to eight energy meters
with accuracy referenced to an internal reference of
the TS41 Test System. This system employs a
modern power source without need to use additional
external reference meter and additional cables. By
this conception system, may be achieved extremely
compact size, light weight, high metrological
properties at reasonable price,
• System with External Reference Meter:
o for simultaneously testing up to seven energy
meters with accuracy referenced to an external
reference meter or
o for simultaneously testing up to six energy meters
and source monitoring with accuracy referenced to
an external reference meter,
• Updating of Older Systems:
o replacement and upgrade of existing hardware and
Such systems perform the following tests:
• measure the basic error characteristics and
• checking the starting current and no-load run,
• measure the influence of frequency, voltage, selfheating, distortion and special shapes of currents and
voltages, reversed phase sequence,
• checking the impulse output and energy meter
• checking the maximum power indicator.

user-friendly operation,
• database for meters and test procedures,
• fully-automatic test procedures for meter testing,
• continuous monitoring of the test,
• tables and graphics for presentation of results,
• operator interface available in several languages,
• automatic measurements report generation.
Meter type window
The meter type window for entering data to tested
devices database, contains the electrical and functional
definitions of the device under test – DUT (base voltage
and current values, maximal current value, accuracy
class of the DUT, meter constant, meter connection,…).
Procedure window
The procedure window for entering data to measuring
procedures database, describes the order and content of
the various test steps in a sequence. For each test step
are specified following data:
• parameters of test point (point name, percentage
value of the base voltage and current, phase angle or
power factor, frequency, waveform of the voltages and
• test type (error test, counting test, counter test),
• test method (impulses counting or time counting for
error test) and percentage error limit of the DUT,
• test duration for calculate the standard deviation of
error (number of cycles, time of the test point, energy
dosage to counting),
Configuration window
The configuration window describes configuration of the
MPX8 Multiplexer inputs (active / not active) and
description of connected DUT (name, serial number and
other necessary information).
Additionally the configuration window allows to set the
external reference meter (option) connected to the 8th
of the MPX8 input.
Autotest window
The autotest window for performing test of the DUT
(tests of accuracy at reference conditions, repeatability,
meter constant, starting and no-load condition, effect of
influence quantities and tests of long duration
disturbances effect as reversed phase sequence, voltage
unbalance, self-heating, odd harmonics, even
harmonics, sub-harmonics,…) according to the
measuring procedure in the manual mode or in the
automated mode. The autotest function allows to
allocate to a measurement procedure a meter type and
selects a test sequence.
During the test, the operator will be informed about:
• point status (passed / not passed, active point),
• progress indicator (cycle, point and procedure)
• error values for all DUTs in consecutive cycles,
• values of average error, standard deviation and error
limit for all DUTs,
Additionally, in any time, the operator can pause or stop
a procedure and repeat selected point.
Smart Calibration Devices Multichannel Meter Error Calculator MPX Data sheet EN 2021-11 4/4
Table result window
The table result window makes possible visualization
and edition measured results in form of table and
consists of measured results of DUTs in two kinds of
table: table of individual DUTs results and table of all
DUTs results.
The table result is fully customizable. The operator can
• number of columns and add or hide them in the table,
• resolution of any value,
• the order of columns.
During an automatic test sequence it is possible to view
test results and after executing an automatic test
sequence all saved results are available for further data
processing (printing and exporting data to MS Excel).
Table of individual DUTs results
Table of all DUTs results
Graphic result window
The graphic result window makes possible visualization
of measured results in form of diagram of error function
with error limits.
The graphic result is fully customizable. The operator
• add or hide graph of selected DUT to diagram,
• change color of any graph,
• change quantity of X axis (no, time, current,
• change zoom in and out of diagram.
Additional standard functions
TB PC-Soft software meets the following requirements:
• demonstration programme software allow training to
be given before delivery of the test system,
• standardized meter type and test sequence definitions
considerably reduce the need for extensive training
and familiarization,
• the operator interface is available in many different
• generation of harmonics,
• generation of special test signals and wave forms
according to the IEC 62052-11 and EN 50470-1, 2, 3,
• with customers window the operator can in simply and
fast way build a customers database, which will be
used to reports.

Data Sheet