Ultimate all-in-one fault locating system 24kV

The P24i is the ultimate all-in- one solution for troubleshooting, pre-locating and pinpointing of cable faults in complex cable networks up to 22kV. Menu guided computerised operation allows to detect and precisely locate various faults for even unexperienced users. Featuring a large colour 10,4” screen, the P24i can display measurement curves, test results and message codes simultaneously. Integrated full scale TDR capability in combination with the high voltage arc reflection mode (ARTi) will isolate and pre-locate low as well as high resistance faults with utmost precision. As a result precise pinpointing will take much less time. The fast HV surge pulse cycles of 3 sec. with up to 2000 Joule energy support the most demanding locating jobs while the multi-dimensional safety system ensures maximum safety for instrument and operator. The optional pinpointer Kamphone and Locator S are used for flash-over faults or cable sheath faults.



  • Comprehensive fault locating in underground cable networks;
  • Optimal solution for LV; 10 to 11kV and 20 to 22kV cable systems;
  • Covering full cycle from trouble-shooting to isolating and precise fault pinpointing;
  • One central unified control unit for all measurement modes and settings;
  • App-style based user interface for easy operation;
  • Rotary encoder operation for precise parameter setting;
  • Multilayer PROSAFE protection & safety system;
  • Possibility to upgrade to fully equipped cable test van
  • Integrated & Automatic System
  • High 1000 Joule Multi-Range Output
  • Portable With Low Weight




  • Integrated emergency switch off & safety key lock
  • Guarded Discharge Technology
  • Faulty ground conditions monitor (FU/EP)

Optional :

  • Separation transformer
  • Extra residual voltage monitor
Analysis And Test Of Faults

IR mode (opt.)


10kΩ to 200MΩ @ 5kV

HV DC mode 0 to 25kV
Isolation of faults:
TDR range 90km
TDR impulse / widths 160V / 50ns to 10µs
TDR resolution 0,2m
TDR impedance matching 25 to 1600Ω
Pre-location TDR-LV mode 1-phase over HV cable
Optional 3-phase over LV cable
Optional Intermittent Fault Scanning
Pre-location TDR-HV mode ARTi: 24kV (Arc Reflection)
Optional SCC: 24kV (Surge Current)
Optional DVC: 25kV (Decay Voltage)
Fault conditioning 400mA
Optional 1,4A @ 12kV
Mapping of faults:
Surge voltage levels 12/24kV
Surge energy 1000J (per level)
Optional add-on 2000J (24kV); 1000J (4kV)
Surge mode pulse range 2000J @ 3s to 10s; single shot
Sheath pinpointing (opt.) 0 to 12kV; 1:3, 1:6, 3:1, 6:1

PROSAFE 3D or 5D system

Dimensions 430 x 516 x 1000mm
IP rating IP43
Weight 90kg
Mains supply 230V; 50Hz
Operating temperature -10°C to +55°C




P24i (Basic)

Set of connection cables (5m) incl. cable bag

FU/EP sensor kit

User manual on CD



Pinpointer: Kamphone & Locator

S Standard Trolley

Rugged Version (IP54) with rugged Trolley

Connection Kits: 25m or 50m (HV+LV)

P24e without TDR and ARTi