Portable high voltage tester DC 25kV to 120kV

The PGT series portable HV- DC test sets are designed for achieved by separating control and HV unit. This allows to high voltage testing (HIPOT) of cables and cable systems. setup controls away from high voltage or for better installa-

Their compact dimensions in combination with low weight tion in mobile test vans. Operation is very simple with clear make them well suited for field testing. Improved safety is analogue metering that shows voltage and leakage current.

Operation modes

PGT 25

PGT 50

PGT 80

PGT 110

PGT 120

output voltage 0 to 25kV 0 to 50kV 0 to 80kV 0 to 110kV 0 to 120kV
output current 1,5mA 6mA 5mA 4mA 3.5mA
measuring range voltage 25kV 50kV 80kV 110kV 120kV
measuring range current 200µA / 2mA;  0.1mA / 1mA / 10mA
over current trip ≥ 8mA ≥ 7mA ≥ 6mA ≥ 5.5mA
discharge unit integrated rod rod rod rod
mains voltage + battery 230V, 50Hz, optional 115V, 60Hz
power consumption max. 900VA
operating temperature -25 °C … +55 °C
dimensions control unit 473x152x275mm 300x415x200mm
dimensions HV unit 300x215x550mm 300x215x575mm 300x215x600mm 300x215x600mm
weight control unit 13,5kg
weight HV unit 17.0kg 18.5kg 20.0kg 20.5kg


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