Sonel PAT plus    

Catalog index: WAPROSONPAT2


Sonel PAT plus software is designed for companies carrying out testing of portable electrical appliances.

It is ideal solution for big industrial companies, hospitals, rent and service of electrical appliances etc. Sonel PAT plus communicates with PAT-810, 815, 820 and iPAT testers. All data saved in tester memory are transferred automatically to proper tables and worked in the software.

Software produces reports according to below standards:
VDE 0701:1, VDE 0701:200, VDE 0701:240, VDE 0701:260, DIN VDE 0702, DIN VDE 0751, EN 61010,EN 60335, EN 60950, IEC 60601, EN 62353.

Software collects, analyzes and archives PAT test results and follows tests history. Every appliance is associated with concrete company and department.

Tests can be printed out in 4 versions:

  • Test report – shows on one page all tests and all features of appliance.
  • History of tests – shows in one table all test results.
  • Short history of tests – prints basic information about test of appliance.
  • Summary report – sorted according to the category of measurement.

This option enables to add new print data on existing appliance card. Software automatically locate place of printed data in first, free row. Complete documentation can be also saved to PDF file. All data and test results are administered by Scheduler. For every appliance user set “Test cycle” Thanks to this function software automatically displays appliances with overdue test validity and can send email notification to the customer.

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