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Sonel Analysis Tablet is dedicated for PQM-710 and PQM-711 analyzers. This is a special version of software preinstalled on included teblet, configured for full operating of the analyzers. By purchasing the PQM-710 or PQM-711 with the tablet and Sonel Analisys Tablet software, you can be sure that the kit will work perfectly in everyday use.

The program also provides support for other family PQM analyzers, but is dedicated for analyzers PQM-710/711 and the tablet which is standard equipment of PQM-710 and PQM-711.

“Sonel Analysis Tablet” is an application necessary to work with PQM-710 analyzers and PQM-711 and it allows via Wi-Fi:

  • analyzer configuration,
  • reading data from the analyzer,
  • network parameters check in real time (the ability to read data through GPRS modem),
  • data deleting in the analyzer,
  • data presentation in tables,
  • data presentation in diagrams,
  • data analysis according to EN 50160 or according to user defined conditions,
  • independent service of multiple analyzers,
  • software upgrade through the Internet.

Analyzer configuration

The software enables all the main parameters of the analyzer. The configuration is made on the tablet, and sent to the analyzer. The configuration settings can be stored on the tablet or other storage media for later use. The software enables the configuration of (depending on the analyzer model):


In each Measurement Points can be configured:

  • whether the analyzer shall work according to EN 50160 or according to user defined conditions,
  • for each registration user can define, which network parameters shall be registered,
  • for each parameter user can define whether the analyzer shall register average, minimum, maximum or instantaneous values,
  • the limits beyond which the analyzer will record the event can be defined.

For example, the PQM-702 has four independent Measurement Points (configurations). Each Measurement Point can be set individually to perform four different types of registration without need to change analyzer’s configuration.

Live mode 
Sonel Analisys Tablet software enables reading of selected parameters and their graphic presentation in real time on the tablet screen. These parameters are measured independently of the registration saved on the memory card. User can check (depending on the analyzer model):

  • voltage and current diagrams (oscilloscope),
  • diagrams of voltage and current in time function,
  • scope phasor,
  • different parameters values,
  • harmonics and harmonics’ power.
  • Interharmonics.

Data analysis
With software user can read data stored on the memory card and analyze them. Data from the analyzer can be stored on the tablet to be used later. This feature enables for archiving  of next registration.
recorded data can be analyzed on the tablet. There are four avaible screens:

  • General – all data are shown with dots (Measurements, Events and Waveforms),
  • Measurements – all measured values registered in averaging time are shown in table (voltage, frequency, etc.),
  • Events – all detected events are shown in table (dips, swells, interruptions, etc.).
  • Configuration – shows all the settings for which data were recorded.

The software enables different types of diagrams, which show in a simple way the registered data:

  • Time diagram – graphs of indicated parameters in time function,
  • Waveforms – graphs of instantaneous voltage and current during an event or at the end of averaging time,
  • Harmonics diagram – bar graph showing harmonics from 1 to 50,
  • Interharmonics diagram – bar graph showing  the level of interharmonics,
  • Value/Time diagram – graph of events’ duration time.
  • Diagram ANSI / CBEMA – event graph of voltage applied on the ANSI or CBEMA curves, showing the number of events potentially dangerous to the information and communication equipment.

Software allows prepare reports according to EN-50160 (if user preset that in analyzer), which can be saved on the hard drive in PDF, HTML, CSV or TXT files.The software enable to prepare the report according to EN 50160 standard.


Changes in version 2.6.9:

  • Fixed an issue of saving *.pqm702 files.
  • Fixed application crash while reading registration files.
  • Fixed application crash while sending settings file to analyzer.
  • Fixed update function from Help menu.
  • Minor improvements of GUI.

Changes in version 2.6.8:

  • Fixed lack of control of sufficient space on hard drive when saving *.analysis files.
  • Fixed rare issue with downloading data in mass storage mode.
  • Fixed issue of generating reports too slow according to standard.
  • Added new functionality of showing voltage events in time plot charts.
  • Improved Russian translations.

Changes in version 2.6.7:

  • Added new functionality of copying settings between measurement points.
  • Fixed communication issue of OR-1 interface in Windows 10.
  • Fixed rare bug of saving settings to file.
  • Fixed bug related with preview of standard in PQM-701Z.
  • Improved EN 50160 report look.
  • Update Chinese translations.

Changes in version 2.6.6:

  • Correction of generating reports for EN 50160.
  • Changed default value of events detection hysteresis from 1,5% to 2,0%.
  • Fixed display of values in a CSV report.
  • Correction of copping measurements table to the clipboard.
  • Added descriptions of recording beginnings and endings at the measuring point.
  • Fixed currently registered  data reading error for switching between different analyzers.
  • Added information about the number of samples for all averaging periods in report according to standard.
  • Set a registration list for measurement point unrolled by default
  • Fixed time formatting in energy cost report.
  • Added GPS position in reports.
  • Updated translations.

Changes in version 2.6.5:

  • Added flags to the events table.
  • Added protection against the lack of NORM.CFG file.
  • Fixed use of control and program configuration windows.
  • Added feature of switching following graphs.
  • Improved handling of LOG file.
  • Added control version number in Sonel Analisis installer.
  • Improved stability of markers on the graphs.
  • Fixed use of selection measurements table.
  • Added support for time zones individually for each measurement point.
  • Fixed application stop while generating energy tariffs report.
  • Improved operation of the events table.
  • Added GPS location in reports.
  • Added automatic scaling of the measurement table.
  • Fixed configuration of plots’ colors.
  • Fixed handling of Wifi Pairing Tool program.
  • Improved appearance of the application in the Chinese version.
  • Fixed sorting in analyzers table.

Changes in version 2.6.2:

  • Fixed voltage thresholds setting bug..
  • Improved stability of graphs scales in Sonel Analysis.
  • Added new feature: separate graphs.
  • Restored feature of erasing and saving screenshots of graphs in live mode.
  • Added new feature: tarification of energy.
  • Added configuration of peak powers and Tan phi measurements for GOST standards.
  • Fixed use of harmonics power graph in Live Mode.
  • Fixed algorithm of uploading default analyzers settings.

Changes in version 2.6.1:

  • Added support of polyphase events for voltages.
  • Added warning message when closing the program.
  • Added warning message before closure of the analyzed data.
  • Changed licence text.
  • Increased the program stability.
  • Fixed reports generator and added new fields.
  • Added Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified.
  • Improved user interface.
  • Added possibility to running multiple instances of program.
  • Fixed plot data presentation.
  • Added possibility columns split when exporting to CSV.
  • Fixed translations.
  • Updated user help.

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