Sonel ThermoAnalyze 2   



The program analyzes and reports forming part of a set of infrared cameras.

Possibility of correction of the emissivity of all or part of the thermal image – the coefficient can be adjusted for each individual selected area.

Choosing analyzed areas – delimit the area of ​​the rectangular, oval area of ​​any shape.

The temperature reading at any point – for moving the cursor in the “information” is fed continuously sensed temperature with the current coordinates, and are further stored information (maximum temperature, humidity, emissivity).

Using Infra Fusion technology – a portion of the visible image is applied to the thermogram in any palette selected by the user. Thermogram is applied to the selected transparency, which allows optimal show and mark interesting areas, especially if it is difficult to visually compare the place with the thermal image with the visible image details of the observed object.

Determination of reading and minimum temperature, the maximum average for the whole area, and each area selected. Selecting the segment
(straight line or broken).

Creating a report in a simple way, moving to report everything we want it to conclude – thermograms, corresponding visible images.

Record all for revisions and characteristic points to allow for further analysis at a later time.

Selection of the optimal color palette visually (out of 9 available in the program) for the best visual display of temperature changes. Determining the best temperature range for imaging the distribution of (possible manual or automatic).

The program has unlimited license – can be used simultaneously on many computers.

Description of changes v1.8.15:

  • patch functionality.

Description v1.8.1 changes:

  • Added new camera models.

Description of changes v1.6.6:

  • added * .doc reports (WORD)
  • Export of data to txt,
  • other fixes functionality.

User Manual