TB41 – Four Position Meter Test Bench for smart meters

Our competence can give you only the best:

  • Three-phase current and voltage source in range 0.001A…120A (300VA) and 20V…600V (150VA) per channel
  • Accuracy class 0.02% or 0.04% with internal – built in reference meter!
  • Fully automatic Test Procedures and Test Reports
  • Simultaneously testing up to 4 electricity meters with different constants
  • Compact module design, size and light weight
  • AC single phase power supply operation only (<2000VA)
  • Isolation transformers ICT for meter with “closed link” (IP link)
  • Professional service and support (it doesn’t matter if you have a complex or trivial issue)
  • Low price in comparison to the best performance


Wide range and high accuracy of outputs:

  • 3-phase voltages: 20.000-600.00V
  • 3-phase currents: 1.000mA-120.000A
  • phase shift and angles between voltages: 0.00-360.00 degrees
  • frequency range: 40-70Hz
  • impulse output: up to 210kHz

Wide range and high accuracy of inputs:

  • impulse inputs: up to 210kHz for energy meters testing

Advanced functions:

  • generation up to 40th harmonics
  • generation of special test signals and waveforms acc. to the IEC 62052-11 and EN 50470-1,2,3

Other advantages:

  • powering from: line 85-265V/47…63Hz AC
  • light weight: 140kg (308lbs) / 188kg (414lb) with EC10.3
  • database for meters and test procedures
  • tables and graphics for presentation of result
  • continous monitoring of the test
  • customers database for automatic measurement report generation
  • possibility to upgrade the existing Calmet TB41 Test Bench by adding an external reference meter in case higher – accuracy application requirement
  • operator interface available in several languages
  • up to 32GB SD memory card for data
  • measurement reports
  • system configuration can be updated at any time
  • manufacturer warranty
  • Calibration Certificate

The Calmet TB41 Four Position Meter Test Bench iis used for calibration and simultaneously testing up to four single and three phase electromechanical and electronic active and reactive electricity meters with accuracy referenced to an internal reference meter. The Calmet TB41 economic Test Bench employs modern precision power source with the internal reference (without need to use any additional external reference energy meter). By this conception may be achieved customer orientated solution chracterised by extremaly compact size, light weight, high metrological properites at reasonable price

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