TS23 – Three Phase Reference Standard

Measures power and energy in 0.02 or 0.04 accuracy class
• Voltage range: 0.05…600V and 0.1…40kV
• Current range direct input: 1mA…120A and with current
clamps: 120A, 1200A, 30/300/3000A
• Display of vector diagram, phase sequence, waveform
oscilloscope, harmonics spectrum bar and trend charts for
analysis of the mains conditions
• Testing of Electricity Meters and CT/PT Transformers
• The measurement system may be used either as a standalone reference standard meter class 0.02, 0.04 in
laboratory or test bench station or as portable working
standard for measurements on site
• Data readout and Reference Standard control via USB,
Ethernet and Bluetooth and Calmet TS PC soft
• Modern SD flash memory card up to 32GB for storage of
customer data and measurement results
• Large 7″ color Touchscreen
• Two pulse inputs for simultaneously testing of 2 meters or
testing in two quadrants

Calmet TS23 is three phase reference standard of accuracy 0.02% (or 0.04%). It can be used in
laboratory or on site for electricity meter testing. Due to pulse input / output TS23 can be used as reference
standard meter for Test Bench Stations. It can measure voltage, current, power and energy up to 3x120A and
3x600V AC

Data Sheet