TS33 option set TB1

Three phase meter test station

Calmet TS33 option TB1 Single Position Meter Test Bench is used for calibration and testing one single and three phase electromechanical and electronic active and reactive electricity meter with accuracy referenced to an internal reference meter.

Calmet TS33 option TB1 economic Test Bench employs modern precision power source with the internal reference (without need to use any additional external reference energy meter). By this conception may be achieved customer orientated solution characterised by extremely compact size, light weight, high metrological properties at reasonable price. You buy exactly what you need without additional table and mechanical design. In case of higher-accuracy application requirement, it is possible to upgrade the existing Calmet TS33 option TB1 Test Bench by adding an external reference meter.


The Calmet TS33 option TB1 Test Bench comprises:
• three phase power source with internal reference accuracy 0.02, 0.04 or 0.1. Power source generates voltage up to 600V and current up to 120A with programmable shapes, frequency in 45…65Hz range and phase shifts in -180°… 0°…+180° range,
• single position testing stand with photo scanning head, quick connector and cables,
• optional PC laptop with installed TS PC Soft for controlling of testing process in case the user doesn’t want to use built in 7” colour, touch screen.


The Calmet TS33 option TB1 Test Bench performs the following automatic tests of electricity meters:
• measure the basic error characteristics and repeatability for power and energy: P, P+, P-, PH1, PH1+, PH1-, Q, Q+, Q-, QH1, QH1+, QH1-, S, S+, S-, SH1, SH1+, SH1-,
• checking the counter (register) error, starting current and no-load run,
• measure the influence of frequency, voltage, self-heating, reversed phase sequence, distortion and special shapes of currents and voltages.

New generation of the fully automated Smart Meter Test Bench
• Accuracy class 0.02%, 0.04% or 0.1% with internal – built in
reference meter!
• Extremely high accuracy class with external reference meter
• Automatic Test Procedures and Test Reports
• Testing meters with “closed link” – permanent connection
between U&I
• Programmed form (harmonics) & special shapes of currents and
• Three-phase current and voltage source in range 0.001A…120A
(60VA) and 20V…600V (30VA) per channel
• Signal generation without additional auxiliary amplifiers
• Compact design, size and light weight
• AC single phase power supply operation only (<400VA)

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