Three-phase Fully Automatic Test System with Reference Standard and Integrated Current and Voltage Source

Our competence can give you only the best:

  • High performance: 3x600V, 3x120A, class up to 0.02%, 0.04% (meter) or 0.1% (source)
  • Huge output power and low weight: only 22kg (48lbs) in portable case
  • Quick measurements of power quality parameters
  • Advanced functions but easy to use
  • Automatic tests of energy meters and PT (VT), CT transformers
  • Manual operations and fully automatic procedures for calibrating and testing
  • Professional service and support (it doesn’t matter if you have a complex or trivial issue)
  • Low price in comparison to the best performance

Wide range and high accuracy of outputs:

  • 3-phase voltages: 0.5000-600.00V (meter) 20.00-600.00V (source)
  • 3-phase currents: 1.000mA-120.000A (meter & source)
  • phase shift and angles between voltages: 0.00-360.00 degrees
  • frequency range: 40-70Hz (meter) 45-65Hz (source)
  • impulse output: up to 210kHz

Wide range and high accuracy of inputs:

  • impulse inputs: 2 inputs up to 210kHz for energy meters testing

Advanced functions:

  • automatic error calculation of calibrated or tested devices
  • measurement up to 63rd harmonics
  • generation up to 40th harmonics
  • setting shapes like phase fired, triangle and burst

Other advantages:

  • independent electronic compensated clamps allow calibration, service, later purchase without factory return of the device and interchange of clamps between different TS33 Working Standard
  • powering from: line 90-264V/47…63Hz AC
  • light weight: 22kg (48lbs)
  • large 7″ 800×480 LCD colour display with touch screen easy to use with gloves
  • screen capture and screen printing function
  • USB, Ethernet and Bluetooth interface for printer, PC computer, tablet or Internet communication
  • up to 32GB SD memory card for data
  • measurement reports and print screens printing on site by the wireless printer
  • system configuration can be update at any time
  • producer warranty
  • Calibration Certificate

TS33 Three-phase Fully Automatic Test System with Reference Standard and Integrated Current and Voltage Source uses large 7 inch LCD display with touch panel for setting and presenting measurements. TS33 is able to save measurement data on SD card, save a BMP screen capture and print measurement report directly to Bluetooth printer. Analyzer can be also connected by USB, Bluetooth or LAN with PC computer or Tablet and setting by TS PC-Soft.

TS33 is an universal device and can be used as a:

  • Three-Phase Power Network Analyzer (Basic function)
  • Energy Meter Tester (Basic function)
  • Power Calibrator (Basic function)
  • Instrument Transformer Tester (TT function)

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