High Power Three-phase Fully Automatic Test System with Reference Standard and Integrated Current and Voltage Source

Calmet TS41 automatic test system consists of a three-phase reference meter of accuracy class 0.02% (or 0.04%)
and integrated high power three-phase current and voltage source up to 3x120A/600V. The TS41 is designed for
testing energy meters in meter test station eg TB41.
Calmet TS41 Automatic Test System is used for:
o testing electricity meters according to EN 50470, IEC 62052,
IEC 62053 and ANSI C12 in laboratory including measure of
meter error, register error, starting current, no load
(creepage) test, repeatability and influence of different
o verification of power network wiring with measure and
recording of basic power network parameters,
o powering test bench station up to 4 meter positions including
isolation transformers ICT,
o metering power network parameters due built in high
accuracy reference standard.



• Easy verification of meters under precise load conditions,
using integrated current and voltage source
• Automatic operation with predefined load points
without need of an external PC
• High output power per channel: up to 300VA for current
and up to 150VA for voltage
• Modern SD flash memory card up to 32GB
for storage of customer data and measurement results
• Display of vector diagram, phase sequence,
wave form oscilloscope, harmonics spectrum bar and
trend charts for analysis of the mains conditions
• User-friendly system for data input and operation of
combined source and reference meter
• The system may be used as a stand-alone reference
standard meter class 0.02 or 0.04, or together with the
integrated power source, or power source with reference
meter for new or modernized test bench station
• Data readout and test system control via USB & Ethernet
• 4-wire voltage output and sense connection

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